Painters 2015

Meike Lipp

“I prefer paintings with some movement in them: animals in action or people in conversation,” says Meike Lipp. One of the very first paintings she produced at the Lamu Painters Festival this year was her scuttling chickens. It captured the colour and commotion of our plucky friends that run about the sunny island. This was Lipp’s first time in Lamu and she was absolutely mesmerised by, “a completely different world, where so many cultures meet and everything happens on water.”

But Lipp is no stranger to exotic places. In 1988, she travelled for three weeks with French seamen by container ship, for a six-month trip to South Africa where she travelled to Cape Town, Johannesburg and all over the country, making pastel drawings of the people in different townships. The following year, she participated in a three-month residency programme in Moscow, where she concentrated on figurative drawing. A quieter spirit, she is an adventurer inside. Just last year, Lipp travelled to Iran to make pastel drawings.

Though Lipp might seem the quiet type, upon closer acquaintance she is always making jokes. And she can joke in multiple languages because Lipp speaks Russian and Persian (Farsi) and others. Sometimes shy and docile, and sometimes mischievous, Lipp was part of the Norddeutschen Realisten, a group of North German Realists but her, “art was not realistic enough,” she giggles. “They were really particular about what was appropriate.” Still, Lipp continued painting impassioned works with a looser hand than the realists. She does exactly what she wants!

Lipp studied at the College of Design and the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. Later, she attended the Rijksakademie Amsterdam after which she worked as a freelance artist, producing her wellknown “Slaugherhouse” paintings in Hamburg. She had her first big exhibition in 1985, at Gallery Rose in Hamburg, which still presents her work. She has also exhibited extensively in Germany – mostly in Lübeck, Berlin and Frankfurt.