Painters 2015

Natalia Dik

Natalia Dik lives between the Netherlands and Russia. Active, animated and admired by all, her raw energy and marvellous talent breathe life into the festival. A recurring Lamu painter, she is familiar with the landscape and, whether it is poignant portrait, excited donkeys or tired boats sleeping on the sand, Dik consistently captures the magic of everyday life. In one painting after another, she reveals, “the balance and rhythm between people and nature, and the energy in the wind.” Dik has gained the respect of the other artists who frequent the festival. A humble genius, she steals the hearts of plein-air aficionados everywhere. “I hope that when people see my work they see a little of who I am, but also I hope they see elements of who they are. The viewer should always be able to learn about themselves when they look at the painting.”

Dik studied at the Ilja Repin Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg, Russia. Her work can be found in prominent collections in Russia including The Russian Museum, the Plyos House-Museum and the Repin Academy Museum. She has exhibited at the Katwijks Museum and the Museum van Bommel van Dam in the Netherlands and at the National Portrait Gallery (BP) in London. Dik was accompanied by her husband Peter Rijs, founder of the PR2 gallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Peter Rijs curated the 2015 Lamu Painters Festival exhibition at Baitil Aman Hotel, Shela.