Painters 2015

Piet Groenendijk

Having retired just last year, Piet Groenendijk worked as a general medical practitioner for thirty-five years, and for the last fifteen as a part time rehabilitation doctor. Groenendijk has, “always painted, since childhood.”. It was not until later in life however, that he took on part time work to pursue fine art in a professional capacity. He decided to study at the Amsterdams Instituut voor de Schilderkunst. In 1994, in its final stages as a collective, he joined the After Nature group in Holland, and focused on painting, “the things one sees in front of you; landscapes, models, portraits.”

In 1999, Groenendijk met plein air artist Lieppert, at the first Noordwijk Painters Festival in Holland. They often worked together and Groenendijk says he learned a lot from Lieppert and other talented plein-air painters.

In February this year, Groenendijk and Lieppert participated in a plein-air exhibition at the Classico in Berlin, a gallery that exhibits mainly German realist painters. This year was Groenendijk’s fourth time in Lamu. He attended the Lamu Painters Festival in 2011 and 2013, and in 2012, he participated in a group exhibition in Shela. This time around, he felt a bit more romantic and tried to paint the trees and flowers of Lamu.

Groenendijk’s touch is light - his soft strokes and gentle application producing an elegant effect. Groenendijk exhibits regularly in Holland. In Germany, he has shown his work at The Berlin Gallery and in Gallery Rose in Hamburg. He exhibits at several museums in Europe but also out of the continent, in cities including New York and Barcelona. Last October, he showed his still lifes at the BayArt Gallery in Cardiff (UK). This year, Gronendijk had an exhibition at Kunsthuiskamer in Amsterdam. The show ended March 1st.