Artist in Residence

The Lamu Artist in Residence Program

The Lamu Artist in Residence Program has been set up to help spread knowledge of life in Lamu, and to foster deeper intellectual, cultural and artistic links between this Kenyan island and the rest of the world.

The Residency aims to provide space and time for artists from all fields to pursue their work in a peaceful and unusual environment for three to six weeks. We welcome applicants in all artistic disciplines including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, dramatic prose, screen-writing, translation, painting, sculpture, video art, photography, architecture, music and design.

Artists’ projects do not need to be related to Lamu, but the hope is that this island will inspire the creation of works that reveal aspects of its history, landscape and people. It would be wonderful if artists could donate something (a poem, a painting, a photo…)  to Fishbone House, as a souvenir of their stay. Otherwise, a suitable acknowledgement of the Residency, in a book for example, would be greatly appreciated.

Artists will take residence in Fishbone House, a Swahili mansion in Shela village, Lamu.

Please email us for more details of the Residency conditions and application procedure.

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