Painters 2015

Hartmut Beier

It was the beautiful day at Pate Island, and the express ride back by speedboat, that opened “Hardy’s” eyes to the exquisiteness and exhilaration of Lamu County. The Lamu Painter’s Festival is a little more than just plein air painting under the sun. It comes with rare cultural experiences and big thrills.

Hartmut Beier was born in Hamburg and studied Illustration and Communication Design at HAW Hamburg, The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. He began his career as a graphic designer, working with several local publications. As a young artist, he often switched between graphic design work and painting. In 1999, after participating in several group exhibitions, Beier had his first solo exhibition at the Gallery Commeter in Hamburg. This was the turning point in his career, when he took off as a professional artist.

Beier began his career painting oil abstracts. In time his paintings became slightly more realistic but still comprised a fantastic, imaginative edge. His fanciful oil paintings of nature reveal small huts in the forest and the snow blown trees of winter. He is passionate about country scenes. Inspired by Danish painter Per Kirkeby, Beier paints the whimsical landscapes of Northern Europe with open plains, rolling hills, reflections on the lakes, mountain ranges and the abundance of trees.