Artist in Residence

Roswitha Steinkopf – October to December, 2012

born in Kiel,
1970 - 1976 studies at Hochschule für bildende Künste Berlin,
1977 degree in fine arts,
1977 two grants of the Centre Culturelle, Paris,
1979 -1985 living in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany,
1985-1991 living in Milan, Italy,
since 1991 in Kiel, Germany.

“art is”-Campaign

“art is …” is an international, interactive art campaign in which the German artist Roswitha Steinkopf invites people of diffrent cultural backgrounds to reflect about their personal thoughts and feeling about art. They are then asked to write this down on white boards.

Actions till now:
2001 Italy;
2002/03 New York, USA;
2003 Shanghai, China;
2004 Berlin, Germany;
2005 St. Petersburg, Russia;
2007 Kiel, Kassel, Germany;
2009 Italy;
2011 Gongju, Seoul, South Korea;
2011 Kathmandu, Nepal;
2012 Lamu, Kenya.

Photos © Roswitha Steinkopf

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