Artist in Residence

Veit Utz Bross: September 2011

Veit Utz Bross was born 1949, studied as a puppeteer and marionette manipulator, then worked in leading positions at marionette theatres. 1985 Stipend from the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg. 1986 Onwards, solo shows. 1998 Opening of the Theatre Unterm Regenbogen in Waiblingen, since then works in own theatre.

Practicing Buddhist, regularly travels to and stays in the Himalayas, works as a freelance Reiki teacher and master.

What to create in Lamu?

“Sculptures…steles…playing with fantasy…picking up everything I encounter…the area…the people…the landscape… relating to it all…looking for things on the beach and integrating…being open to all kinds of materials…wood, if possible…a little bit of colour…playing for the sake of playing…. I will take my love of everything with me, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.” (Veit Utz Bross)

Reflections on the Residency

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