Artist in Residence

Jacob Kerssemakers – February 2014

Jacob Kerssemakers, born in 1968, prefers to work ‚en plein air’, painting and drawing the vastness of the landscape as panoramas in long formats of more than two until five meters length. He captures the width of the horizon until 360° in a roll of canvas using a self-developed roller board. While painting mirages are changing colours. Finally the contemplator will find different aspects at different times in the same landscape.

Jacob Kerssemakers received his art education at the Rietveld Academy (1999-2001) and the Wackers Academy  (2007-2012), both in Amsterdam.
Since 2010 there have been several publications about his work and he exhibited in Amsterdam, Hiversum, Noordwijk, Apeldoorn, Drachten, Utrecht, Weesp, Berlin and Kenya. He received the Royal Talens Award (1st Prize) of the Noordwijk Painting Festival 2013. After his participation of the Lamu Painters Festival 2013 he was invited to the island of Lamu, Kenya for artist-in-residence stay.,

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