Artist in Residence

Joachim Sauter: October 2011 and February 2012

Joachim Sauter was born in Stuttgart in 1956 and briefly studied Physics in Ulm before he attended the classes of Karl-Henning Seemann and Alfred Hrdlicka at the Stuttgart Academy of Art and Design. Since 1986 he lives as a freelance artist in Stuttgart. Various work-related projects led him to Italy, Syria, Jordan, North Africa and the United States and recently to Kenya.

Interested in the human figure, and generally working with models, he creates sculptures from stone, plaster or wood. Very often his pieces are larger-than-life. He also does sketches and lino prints. His works have been shown in various exhibitions in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland and the United States. Some years ago he discovered glass as a new material for his paintings and created large windows for some public buildings.

Joachim’s subjects are people in daily life but also historical or political events like Hölderlin and the French revolution, or literary topics like Robert Musil’s ‘The man without qualities’.

During his first visit to Lamu in February 2011, Joachim was inspired by the hard labour of local quarry workers to create a sculptural figure called ‘Shee Bwana’. Returning to Shela in October 2011 Joachim will continue his work, creating more wooden sculptures that draw from everyday life in Lamu.

The Maweni Project

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