Workshop 2012

Peter Schunter

Peter Schunter was born in Göppingen, Germany, in 1939. He began his art studies in 1958 at the Academie der Kunst in Stuttgart, learning under Manfred Henninger. Later he transferred to the Berlin University of the Arts.

During his time as an art student, Peter also worked in film and theatre, mainly painting sets, but occasionally taking a job as a background actor. After completing his art degree, he began as a freelance painter. Over the years, he made various study trips, including visits to Holland, Elba and New York. For most of his career he has worked both in the studio and en plein air, though for the last decade the demand for his portraits has kept him in the studio. Peter has had exhibitions throughout Germany, most notably in Berlin and Hamburg.

For Peter, being an Artist in Residence in Lamu is an opportunity to work closely again with two painters who are good friends. He is also stimulated by the prospect of painting once more en plein air.

Peter Schunter’s Lamu Sketchbooks

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