Painters 2017

Jurgen Leippert

‘The Duke is Back!’ proclaims the prominent wall banner on Shela beach. The Painter’s Festival would not be complete with Jurgen Leippert who, as well as being long-term member of the Festival, has had a great influence on many of this year’s participants. Pavel Kratochvil in particular cites Jurgen as an inspirational mentor. He is renowned for his vibrant impasto oils and an outgoing personality that has made him a great favourite among the painters and residents alike.

Sadly this time, Jurgen was a shadowy figure during the proceedings. He eschewed many of the excursions to paint closer to home. His distinctive paint-flecked flat cap could be easily spotted on the Peponi terrace as he sat in deep contemplation. His painterly output was limited to scenes of Shela beach and views from his comfortable apartment at the top of Habibti House.

He occasionally came out of his retreat for a night at Peponi bar. Armed with his favourite Margherita, one caught a glimpse of his famous charm. Ebullient and embued with old-world courtesy, he kissed the ladies’ hands as he engaged in a mild flirtation.

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